CVMG/ACMA Rally '15:A special 25th Aniv,

BNS 6634 BNS 6635 BNS 6637 BNS 6639 BNS 6641 BNS 6642
BNS 6644 BNS 6645 BNS 6646 BNS 6648 BNS 6651 BNS 6652
BNS 6653 BNS 6654 BNS 6655 BNS 6656 eric1-2  Upon the occasion of the 25th Anniversary Ormstown Rally, Eric and Ariane were each presented with a gift of thanks from the Rally Committee to acknowledge their tremendous support over the years. Ariane was presented with a beautiful floral tribute of fleurs de lys with red roses, and Eric received a handsome engraved pewter tankard. In a toast to the couple, Ariane shared a bottle of bubbly with her friends, and Eric's tankard was filled to the brim with some hearty British wallop.