A selection of photos by Andy Hall showing some scenes of CVMG-Montreal's activities during 2009.
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If you too have photos from 2009 that you'd wish to contribute, please pass them along to Andy Hall, together with basic info of who, what, when.
CVMG MTL 2009-5-1-1  May meeting at Bob Cohoon's home in Bedford. Rain was the order of the day. CVMG MTL 2009-5-1-2  Bedford meeting CVMG News report CVMG MTL 2009-5-2-1  Meeting at John Gurr's home in Dorval CVMG MTL 2009-5-2-2  Dorval CVMG MTL 2009-5-2-3  Dorval - Martyn on ìs bike, `cos that`s wot he likes. CVMG MTL 2009-5-2-4  Dorval - Something of intense interest on Eric`s Norton
CVMG MTL 2009-5-3-1  May 2009 - Triumph Day at Moto-Montreal-Cycle CVMG MTL 2009-5-3-2  Triumph Day CVMG MTL 2009-5-3-3  Triumph Day CVMG MTL 2009-6-1-1  Meeting at Costa's in Alexandria CVMG MTL 2009-6-1-2  Alexandria CVMG MTL 2009-6-1-3  Alexandria - President Pete McEwen
CVMG MTL 2009-7-1-1  Ride to OTT Rally at St-Albert Cheese Factory CVMG MTL 2009-7-1-2  Cheese Ride - What`s up Ken? Trouble 't mill? CVMG MTL 2009-7-1-3  Cheese Ride - David, Ken and Jos CVMG MTL 2009-7-2-1  Crysler Farm History Tour - St-Andrews Church. Rick & Claudia, David, Yves, Ron and Jos (Photo by Andy) CVMG MTL 2009-7-2-2  History Tour #1 to Crysler's Farm, ON CVMG MTL 2009-7-2-3  History Tour - Yves, David, Jos, Andy, Rick (Photo by Claudia)
CVMG MTL 2009-7-2-4  Crysler Farm History Tour CVMG MTL 2009-7-2-5  Crysler Farm History Tour CVMG MTL 2009-7-2-6  Crysler Farm History Tour CVMG MTL 2009-7-3-1  HT1 CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-1  History Tour #2 to visit St-Lawrence Seaway on anniversary CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-2  Seaway History Tour - Camille at St-Lambert Locks
CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-3  Seaway CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-4  Seaway - Beauharnois CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-5  Seaway - Coteau du Lac CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-6  Seaway - Summerstown CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-7  Seaway - Iroquois CVMG MTL 2009-7-4-8  Seaway - Route
CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-1  Ormstown Rally 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-2  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-3  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-4  Ormstown 2009 - Bob Coley drains diesel fuel from his T100's tank CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-5  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-6  Ormstown 2009 Stan gets his leg over.
CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-7  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-8  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-9  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-10  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-11  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-12  Ormstown 2009 Reg Hebert.
CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-13  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-1-14  Ormstown 2009 CVMG MTL 2009-8-2-1  CVMG-Montreal booth at Beloeil Show. CVMG MTL 2009-8-2-2  Beloeil CVMG MTL 2009-8-3-1  Ride to St-Sauveur to meet Earnie Mount CVMG MTL 2009-8-3-2  St-Sauveur
CVMG MTL 2009-8-3-3  St-Sauveur CVMG MTL 2009-8-3-4  St-Sauveur CVMG MTL 2009-8-4-1  Ride to Ste-Eulalie Rally and Swapmeet CVMG MTL 2009-8-4-2  Ste-Eulalie CVMG MTL 2009-9-1-1  Rockburn Brit-Show CVMG MTL 2009-9-1-2  Rockburn - Road Ride
CVMG MTL 2009-9-1-3  Rockburn CVMG MTL 2009-9-1-4  Rockburn CVMG MTL 2009-12-1-1  Xmas dinner at Kanewake