Some of Andy Hall's (and others) photos of vintage motorcycling fun with CVMG-Montreal during 2010.

If you have photos of your own of CVMG Montreal activities for the same year that you'd like to contribute, then please do so. You may also send them to Andy Hall if you wish. Please be sure to add a simple comment (info) for each photo, indicating when, where, who, and finish it with your own initials in brackets (AH).
CVMG MTL 2010-06-1-1  June 2010 Ride to Chris Shearwood's in Sutton (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-06-1-2  Sutton ride. A pause along the Quebec-Vermont frontier. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-06-1-3  Sutton ride. A truly venerable Ariel (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-1-1  Ride to OTT Rally in St-Albert, ON. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-1-2  St-Albert. Andy poses behind one of his old favourites. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-1-3  St-Albert. (AH)
CVMG MTL 2010-7-1-4  St-Albert. Jos, the dedicated World Cup Soccer Holland fan with his T140. To this day, Jos probably still wishes he'd fitted Hyde camshafts. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-1-5  St-Albert. Tim Poupore proudly sports a newly-won concours plaque. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-2-1  CVMG-CVMAQ meet-up at East Stanbridge hotel. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-2-2  East Stanbridge. Ride Rendezvous at Frelighsburg. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-2-3  East Stanbridge. The CVMAQ always arranges a nice, neat turnout. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-7-2-4  East Stanbridge (AH)
CVMG MTL 2010-9-1-1  History Tour to Fort Lennox (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-9-2-1  Fort Lennox. (Aerial photo from a tourist brochure) (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-9-2-2  Ride for Dad. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-9-2-3  History Tour - 1837 Patriote Rebellion Memorial. Rob, Peter, Tim, Pierre and Andy took a HT Ride one day through Patriote's country. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-9-2-4  Fort Lennox (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-9-3-1  Pete Gauthier's Swapmeet, Pointe Claire (AH)
CVMG MTL 2010-9-3-2  Pete's Swapmeet (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-9-3-3  Pete's Swapmeet (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-10-1-1  October meeting at Bob Cohoon's, Bedford (AH) : Bedford CVMG MTL 2010-10-1-2  Bob Cohoon (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-10-1-3  Bedford meeting (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-10-2-1  Last Ride (Rockburn Pub). Ron, Tim, Eric and Andy went out for a last ride of 2010 on a cold, sunny November day. (AH)
CVMG MTL 2010-10-2-2  Last Ride. Rockburn Side Road (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-10-2-3  Last Ride (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-10-3-1  Laurentian Ride The Gang went for a ride around the hills. (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-10-3-2  Laurentian Ride (AH) : FallTour-10 CVMG MTL 2010-10-3-3  Laurentian Ride Pause at Weir Binerie (AH) : FallTour-10 CVMG MTL 2010-11-1-1  Meeting at Guy Rodrigue's home in St-Lazaire (AH)
CVMG MTL 2010-11-1-2  St-Lazaire (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-12-1-1  Xmas 2010 (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-12-1-2  Ron Dawson proudly shows off his Brickwood trophy award (AH) CVMG MTL 2010-12-1-3  A triumphant Dave Cronin wins the "Balls of Steel" Award for Indefatigability (AH)